The Best Hotel Amenities for Cross-Country Bike Riders






We’ve now stayed in dozens of accommodations and all but two of them were pleasant. Most were very comfortable and some were very luxurious. The funny thing is that as bike riders, the amenities that are most important are not necessarily what are the best amenities for regular travelers. Here are the basics and beyond:

My All Time Favorite Amenities as a Cyclist

  • A jacuzzi, one of our hotels in Louisiana had one and it was the best 15 minutes of the whole trip
  • Free breakfast – we usually have a large breakfast and take enough things for 2-3 other meals; our favorite is when they have hard boiled eggs as these are really the only thing I can eat while riding
  • Ice machines – I have not used these since I was a kid but having ice machines means we don’t have to buy water; we either had no ice machine or it was broken a few times and we had to buy 2 gallons of water instead and were probably under hydrated
  • Generous amounts of shampoo and soap – our hotel in Monticello, FL was a bed and breakfast and had shampoo and soap like you’d buy for your home and we and our clothes were so clean afterward
  • A working washing machine and dryer – one of the Holiday Inns we stayed at even had this for free!
  • Room service – this is so beneficial especially when restaurants in town do not deliver
  • Room service with multiple vegetarian options – this probably does not exist but should
  • Free toiletries – Holiday Inn has provided us with travel-sized shaving cream, tooth paste, a comb, and other items so we don’t have to carry larger sizes or restock on smaller travel sizes
  • A first floor room – fitting both of our bikes in a hotel elevator is really tricky
  • Free, strong wifi – we’ve had free wifi at most hotels and motels but it hasn’t always been very strong
  • A pool – I’ve actually only swum in two of the pools we’ve had but the option is always nice
  • Curtains that actually block out the light – we go to bed before sunset nearly every night
  • Strong water pressure in the shower
  • Enough towels for every thing we need to clean
  • Table-side lamps with built-in outlets
  • Hangers for hanging our wet clothes to dry
  • Enough space for our bikes and for us to be able to easily walk around the room

2 thoughts on “The Best Hotel Amenities for Cross-Country Bike Riders

  1. I like all your observations, on the motel amenities here and the hardest moments and conditions of biking in your previous post.


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